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2022 年 ICBC USA 杯会员/嘉宾最佳成绩配对赛

by Jennifer Li in 未分类 | Posted on July 3rd, 2022 | No Comments

两人最佳成绩比杆赛,两人一组各打各球取其中最佳成绩. ***如果一方差点超过
男士打绿替,六十岁(+)男士, 差点 22(+)以及十四岁以下少年打白替。 女士打
金替, 五十五(+), 差点 22(+)和十四岁以下少女打红替。
按照 USGA GHIN 差点的 85%计算出每人各自差点,最佳成绩是取同组两人每洞最
夏季规则,不可触摸球, 除非打最佳球位。抛球时不得超过原位置一个杆把的距
一杆铁把距离之内征求同组对手同意后可以免推,最多杆数 double par+1 以加快
所有的 808 会员均可报名,但搭档必须是非会员。
比赛奖项:冠军: $300(每人$150), 亚军: $200, 季军: $100, BB: $100, Lucky7: $100, KP: $100
比赛费用:$80 球场费,$50 晚餐
比赛时间: 七月二十四号
比赛地点:The Harbour Pointe Golf Club, 11817 Harbour Pointe Blvd, Mukilteo, WA 98275

On July 24th, we welcome our first member/guest tournament. The competition is in the format
of best score scramble, and a member and a guest form a team. Each team member will tee off on
every hole and plays through his/her ball until into the hole. The better net score of two-person team will
be used and the best score team wins at the end of 18 holes.
Play format and rules of the game
● Two member players form a team. Each individual plays his/her own ball until into the hole but only
better score of the team members will be used. ***The team can choose play best ball scramble if a team
member has a higher than 30 handicap.
● Men will tee off from green tee, age 60(+) or handicap 22(+) has the option to play white.
Women will tee off from gold tee, age 55(+) or handicap 22(+) has the option to play red.
● Each player’s USGA GHIN handicap times 85% will be used in calculating shots-off allowance. The
best score is chosen by the best net score among the two players in the same team.
● Summer rules will apply. No touch unless playing best position scramble. When a ball is dropped, it
must not be dropped beyond a club length from its original lie and it must not improve its original lie.
With the consent of teammate and rival players, another ball may be dropped with two strokes penalty if
first play ball is lost or out of boundary.
● Gimme may be granted by teammate and rival players if the ball is within the metal part of the putter
length. The most stroke is double par +1 to ensure speedy play。
● In the case of tied score, the number of eagles and birdies will be used for the winner.
 All members of Club 808 are welcome to participate, but partner must non member
 A club member shall identify his/her partner whom to be paired with and sign up together.
 Registration starts on July 1st and will close on July 14th 2022.
Match Prizes: 1st:$300($150/each), 2nd:$200, 3rd:$100, BB:$100, Lucky7:$100, KP:$100
Cost: $80 for green fee, $50 for dinner
Match date: Sunday, July 24th 2022
Match course: The Harbour Pointe Golf Club, 11817 Harbour Pointe Blvd, Mukilteo, WA 98275

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