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今年的七月七日,MassMutual 会员/会员配对赛我们将采用 scramble 最佳球位赛制,由
两位球手搭档成两人组打最佳球位,两人一组 scramble 比杆赛,
使用 PGA 规则。男子蓝 tee 发球, 60(+)岁或差点 22(+)可选白。女子金 tee
Scramble 按 USGA GHIN 差点先计算出两人组的差点,所有组之间按差点计算出
每组净杆杆数。计算方法为:两人组差点= 35%低差点+15%高差点
每组两个队员中每人至少要贡献不少于 6 个的开杆
所有的 808 成年会员均可报名

冠军: $300(每人$150), 亚军: $200, 季军: $100, BB: $100, Lucky7: $100, KP: $100. 积分细
节请看 Golf Genius。
比赛时间: 七月七号
比赛地点: Druids Glen golf course. 29925 207th Ave SE, Covington, WA 98042

On 7th of July 2022, we welcome our annual member/member tournament. The competition is
in the format of best ball scramble. Two member will form a two-person team, in which
individual GHIN handicap will be considered. Each team member will tee off on every
hole. After the initial tee shots, the team selects the best shot out of their teammates and then
each team member plays their next shot from that spot. This continues throughout the rest of
the shots on the hole including putting.
Play format and rules of the game:
Two players pair two-person scramble stroke play; each pair plays from the best
shots after the initial tee shots.
In compliance with PGA rules, men will tee off from blue tee and women will tee
off from gold tee. Age 60(+) or handicap 22(+) has the option to play white.
Each player’s USGA GHIN handicap will be used in calculating shots-off
allowance. The number of shots off the pair with the lowest handicap pair will be the
difference between the two pairs’ combined handicap. The calculation for a pair’s
handicap equals to 35% low handicap Index plus 15% high handicap Index.
Each individual player must contribute no less than 6 tee-off shots.
Summer rules will apply. When a ball is dropped, it must not be dropped beyond
a club length from its original lie and it must not improve its original lie. With the
consent of teammate and rival players, another ball may be dropped with two
strokes penalty if first play ball is lost or out of boundary.
 Gimme may be granted by teammate and rival players if the ball is within a club
length of a hole.
 All adult members of Club 808 are welcomed to participate.
 A club member shall identify his/her partner whom to be paired with and sign up
 Registration starts on June 18th and will close on June 26th 2022.
Match Prizes: 1st Place: $400, 2nd Place: $300, 3rd Place: $200. BB: $100, Lucky7: $100, KP:
$100. Points earned, please refer to Golf Genius.
Match date: July 7th 2022
Match course: Druids Glen golf course. 29925 207th Ave SE, Covington, WA 98042

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