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2020 青少年活动总结

by Kerry in 未分类 | Posted on October 5th, 2020 | No Comments

Summary of year 2020 Club 808 Youth Golf Club

2020 is a special year to memorize.

We started with 16 members and Planned to have event twice a month at the beginning of 2020. And as everyone knows, pandemic came and changed everything we planned.

With no big event allowed, we encouraged kids to invite partners and planned individual games. Report scores when they finished the game. By doing this, we found kids know each player better and more willing to play together daily. Amount those kids, there is more than 10 games happen individually. After season, we have got 3 winners for those individual games: Bix Men, Wayne He, and Jerry Luan. They worked hard on each game and did enjoy playing with kids that we knew. That was a great start for the season.

In order to encourage our advanced kids, we would like to see them participate WJGA event. 4 kids from our club 808, Rick Zhang, Wayne He, Jack Yang, and Elliott Hoang, qualified for state championship. By encourage kids to participate, we gave $200 scholarship to each player. This benefit does make kids very excited.

Besides advanced player program, we have beginner programs to help beginner to come enjoy the game and learn the rules. Advanced players are great coach for beginners. Parents are great playmates. This year, we have 8 events to allow all ages, all level players to play together.

6/28 – Redmond ridge

7/1 – Washington National

7/4 – China Creek

7/5 – China Creek

7/10 – Willows Run – Heron Links Par 3 – Youth and parents

7/31 – Willows Run – Heron Links Par 3 – with small game for everyone

8/13 – Willows Run – Coyote – scramble

10/4 – China Creek – 2 men best ball

At the beginning, we saw beginner kids are really hesitate to come. Through that many events, beginners started from scramble and now they can all finish game individually with great scores. Hanming and Patrick are the most improved members. They participated almost all games. We are So proud of their efforts.

Now is the end of season. We experiences senior and advanced youth kids get chances to serve beginners. Beginners improve their skills. Low handicap players also built up their gentle manner. The most we are happy with is the kids have more engaged into 808 club.

During these pandemic period, we are glad to see those events can be done and to see our youth club member growing more than 25%. There are 2-3 more players actively joining our games and ready to be part of our club 808 at this moment. If you are interested, we welcome you to join us anytime!

Thank all youth players and parents to support our event! Looking forward to seeing you guys on the course!

-May Wang


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