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All Club 808 members had been looking forward to the May 5th tournament since early April. One primary reason is because we are playing at Chambers Bay – the 2015 official US Open golf course. The other reason is that we have good prizes to be awarded: a brand new sexy Cobra 2013 driver and Titleist golf balls. Thanks for the generous donation by our old friend Mr. Ben Zhang of $500. He is our honor member of 2013. Welcome onboard!

The weather was really cooperative with a bright sunny day and clear sky. Thirty-two of our members gathered at Chambers Bay Golf Course to kick off the first team competition event of 2013. Overlooking the link course from club house, the view of Puget sound is so beautiful, the nicely done golf course melted into the remote sea and islands. Looking at the course, everybody is confident, no trees to block the view, no water or pond to lose any balls, the fairway is so hard that ball rolls forever. Even though we started from the white tee, about 100 yard short of the PGA distance, the golf course gave all of us a lesson, the course was both challenging and frustrating. Even though the fairway looks exactly the same as the green, but you can never stop your ball on it, so many bunkers along the course; steep mountains to climb up and down; hilly greens with uneven pin positions; plus endless gutsy wind.

It’s indeed a unforgettable experience that we all endured the real test of the official US Open Golf Course and understand how tough it is to play a pro-golf game although our scores showed much less satisfactory than we normally play at other golf courses. But we can really proudly say: we have done it!
Team picture

After the tough competition, here are the winners:
• The gross low: James Dong (89, the 2nd Best is 94), and received the prize of a $300 Cobra Driver.
• Longest drive in #5: Eric Zhao beating Ben Zhao and Michael Guo
• Close to Pin: Yongtao You, Ben Zhang, Steve Yang, Eric Zhao.

James Dong has won the prize with some injuries for both hands and knee, not sure if this is the strategy to win being an underdog. Ben Zhang had a good start by score an eagle on the first hole, but hitting a stone caused his wrist injury to recur so he failed a few holes. Eric has won both the longest drive and close to pin, congratulations, that is long and short game both improved!

All in all, it was a great game and our hard core golf players really had a wonderful and memorable event. In the end, we all can proudly say that we tested the US Open course to-be before Tiger actually did it.

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