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About Us

Welcome to Club 808 – the Chinese American Golf Club in the greater Seattle area!

Congratulations on Club808 becoming Public Charity – Tax Exemption under 501C(3).

Founded on August 8, 2008 by a small group of golf lovers among the Seattle Chinese community, Club 808 started its first day concurrently with the opening ceremony of 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, symbolizing that the founders share the same Olympic theme of sportsmanship: unity, friendship, progress, and harmony.

Club 808 member is a prestigious golf and social club in greater Seattle area. The new membership is open to public but by invitation only. Potential new members need referral from an existing member to join the club. The club is nonprofit. All proceed from membership fees and sponsorship are used for the benefit of our members.

In 15 years, Club 808 has enrolled hundreds of members who participated in the club golfing events, social parties, business networking opportunities and recreational activities. Paid members will enjoy multiple benefits, such as but not limited to: group golf playing, Club 808 competition events, discounted partner golf store purchases and technical trainings, and most importantly, interactive features of web-site, well organized and managed by the voluntary club management team. In addition to up to six full-blown club team games every year, almost every week there are small group golf playing events initiated and organized by active paid members.

Register today to enjoy tons of benefit of club808 paid members.

Among the 150+ Club 808 members with handicaps, 20s of them are in the single digits and 30 of them are between 10-20 digits recorded by Club 808 organized golf plays. The members’ handicaps keep improving year in year out thanks to Club 808 establishment and development!

热情欢迎您加入808俱乐部 – 大西雅图地区华人华侨高尔夫球俱乐部

808俱乐部成立于2008年8月8日,由几位西雅图地区华人圈内高尔夫球爱好者自发组织起来,他们有心地选择了2008年北京奥运会开幕式的同一天,其象征意义是组织者愿共享奥运精神, 即:团结、友爱、进步、和谐。


在短短的十多年内,已有数百名会员分别参加了808俱乐部举办的高尔夫球赛、社交晚会、生意联络、和各种娱乐活动。缴费员享受俱乐部提供的各项好处,其中包括:小组高尔夫球赛、 俱乐部比赛、减价高尔夫商店购物及技术培训等等。更重要的是互动网站功能;该网站由俱乐部自愿管理团队妥善经营管理。 每年除了俱乐部组织的6大高尔夫球赛外,几乎每个星期都会有会员发起和组织的各种比赛。因为付费会员可有效地利用互动网站邀请小组高尔夫球赛,只要您想在周末或周期玩球,您就会找到队友而不会寂寞!


Our Organization
Year 2022

Honorary Chairman: Ben Zhang
Chairman: Hugh Shieh
Board Directors:  Roger Guo, Shuo Chen, Hugh Shieh, Kerry Hu, Ben Zhang, Bruce Zhong, Jun Zhang

Management Team:

会长 – Victor Lin      副会长 – 苏绍文, Vanessa Zhang
财务 – Will Chen,Sue Zhang
顾问-Kerry Hu
市场,媒体,网络及赞助商联络 – Jennifer Li  ( Maggie Yang辅助)
中高差点部部长-马胜(Victor Ma)
计分部蔡文雨,Jeff Wang
培训-Helen Hu
赛事保障- Annie Chen
少年队- Kitty Yuan Yuan, 张诚
女子队- Annie Chen & Daisy Xiong

Club 808 was founded on 08/08/2008
Founders: Arthur Zhang, Tuofu Zhu, Paul Zhu, Yingbin Wang

The board was formed in 2009
First Board members: Arthur Zhang, Paul Zhu, Steve Yang, Kerry Hu, Roger Guo, Ben Yang

Year 2009
Chairman: Paul Zhu
President: Arthur Zhang

Year 2010
Chairman: Arthur Zhang
President: Arthur Zhang

Year 2011
Chairman: Arthur Zhang
President: Steve Yang

Year 2012
Chairman: Arthur Zhang
President: Roger Guo

Year 2013
Chairman: Steve Yang
President: Shuo Chen

Year 2014
Chairman: Steve Yang
President: Jason Dai

Year 2015
Chairman: Steve Yang
President: Martin Pei

Year 2016
Chairman: Steve Yang
President: Hugh Shieh

Year 2017
Chairman: Roger Guo
President: Bruce Zhong

Year 2018
Chairman: Roger Guo
President: Kailing Gu

Year 2019
Chairman: Roger Guo
President: James Chen

Year 2020
Honorary Chairman: Ben Zhang
Chairman: Hugh Shieh
President: Kerry Hu