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    Club 808 UBS Open Tournament

    by Jennifer Li in | Posted on September 10th, 2022 | Comments Off on Club 808 UBS Open Tournament

    Club 808 is a 501 C3 charity organization for Chinese and Asian golf community in Seattle area. 2022 is 14th a year from the establishment of club 808. In these 14 years, club 808 have grown tremendously not only by the number of members, but also the golf skills of the members, relations with clubs of other states and Canada, relations with other Asian golf clubs in Seattle area. In the more than 160 members, there are more than 30 single digit handicap players. Club 808 members are not only made of Chinese, but also some Koreans, or even non-Asian members. Many Club 808 members are also members of private country clubs in the area.
    The influence and the impact of club 808 also grew hugely, at the same time it is more formal. Club 808 added the junior program for the next generation who play golf. Every year, club 0808 will honor prizes for the juniors who performed well in the WJGA tournaments.
    Club 808 is affiliated with the Pacific Northwest PGA organization. All our golf games follow PGA rules.



    Dates (日期): 9/10 2022 (Saturday) 12:30 PM

    Golf course: New Castle China Creek

    Registration cutoff date 2022/08/20 (报名截止日期为2022/8/20)

    Registration cutoff date 2022/08/20 (报名截止日期为2022/8/20) 报名注册链接: 报名以缴费为准,超过比赛截止日期或最大比赛人数以后自动进入waiting list

    Qualification 参赛球员:

    1. 808 normal members, Other associated golf clubs in Seattle area, families and friends of Club 808.
    2. Club 808 junior members (the age is at least 12 years old who can finish 18 holes and need parent full escort between the age of 12 – 16). Junior players have their own group. The Junior player must meet handicap requirement. Before 808 Open, the Junior players can have a competition round for the qualification of Open.

    Flights (比赛分区):

    Participants are divided into 5 flights: blue tee flight ( < 13) , white tee( <= 23), Red tee(Ladies), Junior flight(12-18), Junior tournament tee see below, White tee 4-person scramble(no handicap or high handicap (> 23). Men older than 60 can choose to play the white tee flight. 4-person scramble start from white tee.
    (本次比赛将分5组,蓝Tee组(< 13),白Tee组(< 23),红Tee组,家庭Tee组和白Tee混合组。 男选手根据差点可选择打蓝Tee或者白Tee, 女选手打红Tee. 青少年看后面规定,其他人选混合比赛。各组排名和获奖将在本组中进行。60岁含以上男子可以选择打白梯。4人scramble从白梯出发)。

    Junior Tee Selection(青少年Tee):

    Boys 14-18 = Blue Tees
    Boys 12-13 = White Tees
    Girls 14-18 = White Tees
    Girls 12-13 = Red Tees

    Game Rules (比赛规则):

    1. Stroke play (比杆赛 handicap <=23)and four-person scramble(handicap > 23)。
    2. Game rules(比赛规则):USGA Summer rule.
    3. The tournament will start as shot gun based on handicap with lower handicap player start first(如果有空余组,比赛按照参赛选手差点从18个洞同时出发,差点低的选手先出发)。
    4. The game is one day event with dinner and award ceremony that follows( 本次公开赛共一场比赛,赛后会安排晚餐和比赛颁奖仪式)
    5. Scoring: The Club 808 open is using Golf Genius as the scoring software, all results are based on the data in Golf Genius. Competitors are responsible to input all the correct score into the system. The score should be input within one hour after the game finish or half hour after the dinner party starts. Every foursome need to elect one person to input scores into Golf Genius and another person to record scores on paper score card for double check. After the game, the two scores need to be cross checked and the paper score card signed by 2 people and hand in to the organizer. Lacking GG score or paper score will be considered invalid score. (成绩输入:本次比赛通过Golf Genius记录和计算比赛结果,一切以GG的成绩为准,运动员应该在比赛结束的1个小时之内,晚餐开始的30分钟之内,输入比赛成绩。否则同组的全部比赛成绩作废。每一个四人组应选出1位输入GG比赛成绩,另外一个参赛者使用纸质成绩单记录成绩,并在比赛完毕以后互相确认,纸质成绩单应由两个以上参赛者签字并提交给组委会。没有纸质成绩也被算为成绩无效)
    6. Net score calculation is done by Golf Genius automatically based on the standard GHIN handicap of a player. If the player does not have a standard GHIN handicap, then the handicap is taken as 0.(净杆计算,系统会调取参赛选手的标准Ghin差点,由golf Genius自动进行计算。没有标准Ghin差点的按照0差点计算)
    7. Maximum score: to increase the speed of play, there is a maximum score for each hole, double par. You must pick up the ball directly if the maximum stroke is reached.(为了加快比赛节奏,设定每一洞的最大杆数为double par)
    8. Pace of Play: each player should not look for a lost ball for more than 3 minutes.
    9. Gimmie: To help the pace of play, except for birdie and par, putting for boggy or worse can have gimmie within the distance of putter length minus the grip length. (推杆的给洞,为了提高比赛节奏,除了鸟推和par推,握把之内可以给)
    10. Pairing: All registrations need to be submitted one week before the game date. Registration later then that date will be put on waiting list. To facilitate speed of playing, pairing will be automatically assigned by the Golf Genius system based on handicap one week ahead of the game. The 808 open committee is responsible for any adjustment if they see fit, such as allocate at least one 808 member in each group. Whether people on the waiting list can play will be based on the total registered players. If the field is full and there are people dropping out, we can pick players on the top of the waiting list one day ahead of the game. Make sure every group has at least one 808 player for the GG scoring.(比赛分组由Golf Genius系统生成,并由组委会进行调整)。
    11. Scramble format, if it is 4-person scramble, each player needs to contribute at least 2 drives. Group handicap calculation: 20% + 15% + 10% + 5%. For two-person scramble, each player at least contributes 6 drives. Group handicap calculation: 35% + 15%. Who makes the drive should be recorded in paper score card with a circle on the player or put on his row and examined after the game. Not satisfying the record requirement will be disqualified after the game.(对于scramble的比赛,每位选手有最低的贡献开杆数,四人scramble的开杆数位2,差点计算公式:20% + 15% + 10% + 5%。 差点计算公式:35% + 15%。二人scramble的开杆数位6)。
    12. DQ and penalty: if the players score are not input correctly into Golf Genius or not finished, the player will be DQed. If no paper score card is handed in, the whole group will be DQed. If player pick up ball without the marker, that will be 1 stroke penalty. Practice swing touch the send or waste area or red stake area, that would be 2 stroke panelty.
    13. Tie breaker for gross: higher handicap wins. Tie break for net: scores from 18 hole, (此次比赛不设并列排名,如果总杆一样,按照差点高的获胜。如果净杆数一样,按18洞,17洞,16洞的成绩)


    1. First 3 places of gross low of each flight(每一组总杆前3名)
    2. First 3 places of net low of each flight (每一组净杆前3名)
    3. BB awards for each flight for the net score
    4. Longest drive (White tee man and 4-person scramble share the same flag and ladies flag on the 1st hole par 5, blue tee men and Junior LD on 8th Par 5 with different flags) Putting name on wrong flag will disqualify from the prize.
    5. close to pin on every Par3 hole
    6. Top Seattle Asian Player: The lowest gross number player of the game. (He can’t have other Net or gross low awards.
    7. Scramble flight 1,2,3
    8. Junior flight gross and net 1,2,3

    Golf + Dinner Party

    Location: The Golf Club at Newcastle, 15500 Six Penny Lane, Newcastle, Washington, 98059

    100 of 100 spaces are available


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