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Archive for October, 2012

狭路相逢勇者胜!- 2012 Club 808 Ryder Cup记实

Category: 未分类, Posted on October 15th, 2012 by Roger Guo | No Comments

一场翘首以待, 球逢对手, 充满挑战,布满悬念的 Club 808 Ryder Cup 终于落下了帏幕.经过一场雨中鏖战, Eric Zhao为首的B 队以4:2 战胜了以Steve Yang为首的A队. 这是一场新颖的队中有队, 组中有组, 赛中有赛的golf比赛项目.既要求个人的球技发挥, 也要求队友协同配合, 更须要队长指挥排阵. 每个小组的编排均按HDCP为准,十分严谨.确保两军对垒,棋鼓相当. 看官说从小组编排中已知胜负, 其实未必. Yongtao You and Jason Dai组胜 Steve Yang and Zhaowei Yang组, 堪称一绝. 因数日前 Steve Yang 以80杆大胜Yongtao You 的90 杆.按理说这次两人再赛, Steve 应该稳操胜劵.奈何黑马横出, Steve 交枪交械. 依观察 , B队胜在策略,胜在士气!临战前, B队队长Eric Zhao指挥若定地说:"Relax, 放开打!"- 尽展大将风度.B队队员顿时激励, 纷纷叠掌呼喊"我们胜!".A队队长 Steve Yang是一个球场老将, 曾以一个月内两次Hole-in-One威镇八方! 他赛前秘授队员的妙方恐怕也是精辟绝伦. 俗话说,强将手下无弱兵, A队中猛将如云,  该队的Jingsong Ye and Shaoyuan Chen力克B 队先锋 Tom Xia and Kailin Gu夺得本赛净杆冠军.  A队Rachel Zhang and […]

Leon Xu Won The 80th Annual Jack Walters’ Champion of Champions

Category: 未分类, Posted on October 1st, 2012 by Roger Guo | No Comments

Leon Xu attended the 80th Annual Jack Walters’ Champion of Champions at Enumclaw Golf Course last Sunday, September 30, 2012. This was the golf event in which only the Men’s and Women’s Club Champions determined during 2012 were eligible to participate. He beated all the golfers and won the Champion of Champions title at the […]

Over 60 People Celebrating Labor Day in Portland – A Trip Report

Category: 未分类, Posted on October 1st, 2012 by Comm-Team | No Comments

It may be one of the last few weekends before it starts rainy season in Pacific Northwest, the Labor Day weekend turned out to be a very pleasant and comfortable one in Portland where over 60 golfers and their family’s members from Club 808 and Formosa Golf Club (FGC) celebrated the holiday and enjoyed a […]